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About Us

Eco-Shoes is a Ghana based social enterprise that reinvests in the environment by upcycling waste into something of greater use and value.We empower and transfer the skills of shoe making to people with disabilities to hand-make shoes from truck tires, fabric scraps and other sustainably sourced raw materials  thus providing employment to people who otherwise would be out of a job or below the poverty threshold.
Eco-Shoes links the physically challenged artisans at the base of the pyramid to the markets at the top of the pyramid.

By selling durable and versatile footwear made from up-cycled tires and fabric waste,Eco-shoes create jobs which benefit people with disabilities and the communities in which they live whiles inspiring people to get creative about re-using materials, extending their life-cycle and at the same time contributing to waste reduction.

To build the capacity of artisans with disabilities who lack the skills and knowledge necessary to create wealth from their vocations by maximizing their career potential and take steps towards their long term financial and personal well-being.

To create an incredible and unforgettable shoes and other accessories from salvage truck tires,scrap fabrics and other sustainably sourced raw materials and give them a new life while supporting skilled artisans with disabilities and their families.